Ultrasound Services London

Welcome to Regency International Clinic. We are well-known for our specialist ultrasound services in London, whether it is to carry out 3 or 4D scans or to look into any issues with blocked fallopian tubes, our medical center is armed with state of the art equipment to be able to provide you with the most specialist of services. Based near Harley Street in Central London, we are a team who have many years of experience and always provide world-class medical services. Contact us today if you want to speak to one of our specialists about our ultrasound services in London.


We offer a wide range of services and always strive to offer every single one of our clients an excellent standard of care. Some of our services that we offer can even allow your medical condition to be diagnosed, investigated and treated in a single visit. Not only are we well recognised for our ultrasound services in London but also for some more unique treatments such as Fallopian Tube Catheterisation. We believe that we are currently the first and possibly only clinic to offer this ground breaking treatment in London, the Middle East and the Gulf region. This treatment can be used as an alternative to IVF for patients who have blocked fallopian tubes and has an 80-90% success rate. If you are looking for the best ultrasound services in London, you will be pleased to know that we are registered with the Care Quality Commission under the Care Standards Act 2000 which is part of our daily commitment to giving our patients the highest standard of treatment.


We don’t just carry out ultrasound services in London for ongoing pregnancies, if you are struggling to conceive, we can also use our ultrasound equipment to investigate into why you’re not getting pregnant. Our specialist ultrasound services in London can check for abnormalities in the uterus, ovaries and also fallopian tubes. Our medical professions will also be able to tell you how your ovaries and womb lining are functioning and hopefully give you a diagnosis.


If you are interested in our ultrasound services in London, please contact the clinic by ringing +44 207 490 0550 / 0505 and a dedicated member of our reception team will contact you back shortly.