Ultrasound London

Have you been looking for a private ultrasound clinic in London? Welcome to Regency International Clinic, we are a medical clinic based in London that primarily focuses on the reproductive health of men and women. We have been established for many years and over that time we have welcomed patients from the UK and overseas. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals that are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care.


For those looking for a private ultrasound in London, we are able to offer an intimate setting for your ultrasound. Whether you are looking for a diagnostic scan, gynaecological scan or a baby scan, our experienced sonographers will make you feel at ease. Ultrasound scans involve exposing a part of your body to high frequency sound waves in order to create a picture of the inside of your body. Ultrasounds do not use ionizing radiation, so it will not harm you nor the development of your baby should you be pregnant.


Our ultrasound service in London includes an initial consultation, the procedure and an after care service. It is imperative to us that our patients feel at ease throughout the entirety of their time with us. We appreciate that it can be an exciting time when seeing your baby on screen for the first time, which is why we send you away with individual prints of the scan. Not only do we perform 2D scans, but we also perform 4D bonding scans where we can estimate the weight, movements, heart activity and growth of your baby. Although we see many women who are excited about their pregnancy, we also respect that some people may be in need of an ultrasound for alternative reasons. We always remain polite and sensitive when it comes to any of the treatments we carry out.


We are the best clinic to go to if you need an ultrasound scan in London, because we understand the potential of the equipment we have and we do our best to utilise it. We use ultrasound scanning to aid us in different procedures and to help us diagnose any ailments you may have. We have found that our ultrasound service has often helped us to treat women with infertility, menopause and chronic pain problems.


If you have been looking to have an ultrasound in London, then you should contact Regency International Clinic today. You can call us on 0207 490 0550 / 0505 and a member of our team will be more than happy to book you in for an appointment. If you have any questions about ultrasound scanning, we will be more than happy to answer them.