Ultrasound Clinic London

Have you been looking for the best ultrasound clinic in London? Look no further because Regency International Clinic have a team of medical specialists and professionals who are committed to delivering the highest standard of service with all of our patients and procedures. You will always be in the safest of hands when visiting Regency International as we are the leading ultrasound clinic in London and our patients are always looked after from initial consultation through to aftercare.


If you are looking for an ultrasound clinic in London you will most likely be aware of the procedure already. An abdominal ultrasound involves exposing parts of the body to high-frequency sounds waves which as a result, produces pictures of the inside of the body. This technique can also be used when needing to examine abdominal organs as it is the simplest way to look at them and investigate the cause of any abdominal problems. Whilst our ultrasound clinic in London is popular with private pregnancy patients we can also use Ultrasound to help diagnose a variety of conditions such as abdominal pains, appendicitis, enlarged abdominal organs, stones in the gallbladder or kidney, tumors and pre-birth malformation, blood clots and narrowing of blood vessels.


Your may also be looking for an ultrasound clinic in London if you have been having trouble with getting pregnant. For anyone who is failing to conceive, a gynecological ultrasound is the best first step to investigate into why you are not getting pregnant. When performed at the right time in the menstrual cycle, we can successfully check for abnormalities in the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes as well as being able to check the function of the ovaries and womb. Our specialist ultrasound clinic in London can also help when investigating Ovarian Cysts which is common and can appear in one in every 5 women. These specific ultrasounds can also help if you have been suffering from pelvic pain and can detect problems such as uterine fibroids or endometriosis.


If you have been searching for the best ultrasound clinic in London then look no further because Regency International Clinic are the medical professionals that will be able to help you with any medical issues. For more information or to make a consultation booking please contact the clinic by ringing +44 207 490 0550 / 0505 and a dedicated member of our team will contact you back shortly.