Surgery to Clear Fallopian Tubes

Welcome to Regency International Clinic. We are a private medical centre based in central London who provide a wide range of specialist services and surgery. If you have been looking for surgery to clear fallopian tubes, Regency International have a team of specialist professionals that will be able to help you. Our consultants and practitioners offer 30-minute phone consultations for all new patients, so if you are looking to have surgery to clear fallopian tubes, contact our reception team today.


If you are experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant, one of the medical reasons behind it could be that your fallopian tubes are blocked. Regency International Clinic have options if you require surgery to clear fallopian tubes, some that can be done in under and hour and leave you to be able to go home on the same day. We are proud to one of a few centres in the UK and overseas that offer the new and unique treatment called TCTC which stands for Transcervical Tubal Catheterisation. Initially developed for clients who required treatment for blocked coronary arteries (angina), it has now become a very successful surgery to clear fallopian tubes. With a high success rate in 80-90% of cases and being an outpatient treatment, receiving surgery to clear fallopian tubes has never been simpler.  


After going through a consultation and medical assessment with one of our consultants, you will receive an abdominal x-ray under local anaesthetic to locate the blockage and find out if TCTC surgery to clear fallopian tubes is suitable for you. Once you have received surgery to clear fallopian tubes, you can then try to get pregnant each month. This is a cheaper option compared to IVF as there are no repeated costs. We are committed to finding you the most suitable, yet cost-effective treatment as part of our first-class customer service. We are part of the Care Quality Commission and it is our duty to always provide an outstanding service at all times.  


If you are looking for surgery to clear fallopian tubes, contact the clinic who will be able to arrange a consultation for you. You can call us on +44 207 490 0550 / 0505 and a dedicated member of our team will contact you back shortly.