Private Scan London

Are you looking for a private scan in London? Here at Regency International Clinic, we are a private healthcare clinic in London, providing world class surgery, medical services and ultrasound scans. So if you would like a private scan in London, contact Regency International Clinic today.


At Regency International Clinic, we provide private ultrasound scans in London, which are used to diagnose medical conditions and to screen cancer. An ultrasound scan uses sound waves to develop an image of what is happening on the inside of your body. It can develop live images of your stomach, liver, heart, tendons, muscles, joints and blood vessels. A transducer emits high frequency sounds, that are inaudible to human ears, and records them to determine the size, shape and consistency of your soft tissue. If you would like to find out more about one of our private scans in London, or to book an appointment at the clinic, please visit our Private Ultrasound London page.


UItrasound scans are also used throughout the pregnancy process and at Regency International Clinic, we provide a variety of pregnancy scans depending on what stage you are at. These include early pregnancy scans, reassurance scans, 4D bonding scans and gender scans, which are all carried out by a fully qualified sonographer or obstetrician.


We understand that arranging a face-to-face consultation is difficult with your working life interfering. We have recently introduced a 30 minute phone consultation for our clients, allowing you to get back to your normal working activities. The phone call will be held with one of our highly trained consultants or a private general practitioner, with it being a practical option for our international patients.


So if you would like to book a private scan in London, give Regency International Clinic a call. Call us on 0207 490 0550 or 0207 490 0505. Alternatively, you can fill in the form on the Contact Us page of our Website. Just enter all relevant information into the required fields of the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.