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Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a special X-ray Test to check if your fallopian tubes are blocked or not & assess the shape of the uterus.

unblocking fallopian tubes

Who should have HSG
HSG is an invaluable nonsurgical investigation in a woman with subfertility. It provides information about the inside of the womb and the fallopian tubes. It is less invasive and less expensive than laparoscopy. However there are situations where laparoscopy is preferred. An increased pregnancy rate has been associated with the cycles immediately following the HSG.

Importance of HSG Test.

unblocking fallopian tube

• HSG provides information about uterine cavity & the presence of congenital uterine anomalies, fibroid tumors, adhesions within the womb (synechiae)

• The presence of fallopian tube disease such as blocked fallopian tubes, hydrosalpinx (Fluid collection within the tube), salpingitis isthmica nodosa
When to do HSG
It should be performed from a few days of menstruation to about 10 days from the start of menstruation. It is never done after 10 days unless no sexual intercourse has taken place after the 10days or effective contraception has been used during the menstrual cycle.
What Do the Results Mean?
If the x-ray shows a normal uterine shape, and the injected dye spills freely out from the ends of the Fallopian tube, then the test results are considered normal. Tubal factor infertility or abnormal uterine shape is unlikely to be the cause for your infertility.


What Happens If Results Are Abnormal?
If the dye shows an abnormally shaped uterus, or if the dye does not flow freely from the fallopian tubes, there may be a problem. If this happens, you may be advised to have another test such as laparoscopy or Hysteroscopy or recommend treatment with IVF or unblocking of the fallopian tubes.

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