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Hymen Repair – (Hymenoplasty)

We understand that a woman losing her virginity before marriage can cause complications in some cultures and societies hence the desire from some women for hymen repair surgey.  A virgin is often expected to bleed after intercourse on her wedding night – however it’s worth noting about 25% of women do not bleed, despite being virgins.

Many developing countries now allow doctors to legally perform hymen repair – this has reduced the number of female deaths due to questioning of virginity.  We’ve been performing Hymenoplasty otherwise known as Hymen repair surgery since the late 1990s, helping many women from different backgrounds and cultures.

How It Works

Due to the importance of this operation to the patient, we guarantee our results as long as no intercourse or penetration takes place. The hymen is repaired and connected using dissolvable stitches. If it does not fully heal, we can perform the procedure again at no extra cost.  The patient should then expect to bleed on her first subsequent sexual penetration.

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The Procedure

The operation is usually performed under local anaesthetic, takes 30 to 60 minutes and most patients can go home around an hour after surgery. For the first couple of days you may need to take painkillers and experience slight bleeding (no more than a period).

Why We Do Hymen Reconstruction

We strongly believe we’re giving these women a second chance. A woman who has lost her virginity when underage or as a result of rape or assault should not suffer for the rest of her life. We are confident about our work and care greatly about the safety and future lives of our patients.

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