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GP services

Private GP

Regency International Clinic GP services is private World Class Healthcare Clinic in Central London offering the convenience and choice of appointments during working week or Saturdays. Your consultation is confidential &discrete.  Registration for new patients is fast and simple and can be arranged over the telephone or when you come in for your first consultation.

GP services includes:

  • GP consultations
  • Health Screens
  • Visa Medical
  • Travel Clinic
  • FLU Vaccinations
  • Prescriptions& repeat prescriptions
  • Blood test’s
  • ECG’s
  • Referrals to consultants and specialists
  • Sexual Health clinic

Ear Wax Removal

If possible, please ensure that you have dabbed a few drops of Otexwax softening drops, or olive oil, in the ear for a few days or so before the appointment to assist with the ear irrigation. This softens the ear wax for the ear syringe treatment.


Repeat prescriptions are available, in certain cases without consultation, to existing Regency International Clinic patients. New patients will require a consultation first, which will be charged at the relevant rate.


  • Blood Tests

Blood tests  for a wide range of screening (e.g. cholesterol levels, fertility status, STD/HIV , diabetes, thyroid function tests, allergy testing, menopause tests). Blood tests are individually priced. In most circumstances we charge a consultation or phlebotomy fee.

  • ECG

Should you have a history of heart disease and would like a check-up or a test to diagnose chest pain, the GP can conduct ECG’s (electrocardiograms) at the time of your consultation. Our doctors can interpret the ECG during the consultation and provide guidance on management of your condition.

  • Referrals

It is possible to book an appointment directly with a consultant without GP evaluation and referral letter from the GP. However if you need specialist investigations (e.g. MRI / CT scans and specialist investigations) you will need consultation with our private GP. Our private GPs work with specialists and consultants and have excellent working relationships with them.

  • Medicals and Health Screens  

We perform a range of OCCUPATIONAL MEDICALS and whether you need an HSE diving medical, a DVLA, Taxi, Minicab or HGV medical or an offshoreoil and gas medical, call us now to arrange an appointment.

Rx patient info

Rx patient info

Travel and Vaccinations

Expert travel advice from our dedicated travel clinicand we specialize in corporate travel and malaria advice.

Flu Vaccinations

Administering the flu vaccine is a quick and simple process with high effectiveness, especially for the seasonal winter months in UK. The anti-flu vaccine is safe during pregnancy, it keeps you protected from the highly variable influenza virus.   Please contact us to if you want to know more about getting a company flu vaccine at your place of work. Similarly, if you are from abroad and suffer from hay fever in the English climate, don’t hesitate to contact one of our private GP for a consultation. Call us on 02074900550 to discuss corporate vaccinations.