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Fibroids are benign smooth muscle growths in the uterus, which occur in 20-25% of women. They grow over a period of time, ranging in size from small to very large, but are not cancerous. Women often don’t know they have fibroids and many never have any problems with them. Other women however experience a number of symptoms influenced by the location of the fibroids, which can grow both inside and outside the womb. These include heavy, irregular or extended periods, bloated stomach, frequent urination, constipation, back pain and sexual discomfort. They can also play a role in miscarriage and infertility.

Fibroids – CausesIt is believed that hormone levels influence the growth of fibroids and it is often a hereditary condition, most common after the age of 30 and twice as common in black women compared to white or Asian women.Fibroids – Diagnosis You can go through your symptoms with our consultant who will then examine you and probably carry out further tests such as an ultrasound to look at the inside of your womb or an MRI scan to build a detailed picture of your fibroids. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Fibroids – Treatment

Women with few or no symptoms do not usually require treatment. For those experiencing problems there are a number of options available. As with all treatment we offer, we always tailor our advice specifically to your personal circumstances.

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As with Endometriosis hormone treatments can be effective but may not be suitable for you if you’re trying to conceive.

In collaboration with a radiologist we also offer embolisation, a procedure which can reduce fibroids by removing their blood supply. In more severe cases, surgical options include removing the fibroids, some of the womb lining or the entire womb (hysterectomy).

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