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Want a baby? – Treatment to unblock fallopian tubes

We are proud to be one of the few centres in the world offering the technique of Trans Cervical Tubal Catheterisation (TCTC) to unblock fallopian tubes or reverse tubal blockage. It is done using a catheter – the procedure was developed from treatment used for patients with angina (blocked coronary arteries). Before tubal catheterisation began in 1997, many patients’ main hope for conception was through IVF. Now this method is successful in 80-90% of cases.Blocked Fallopian Tubes – Causes
Why choose Fallopian Tube Catheterisation (TCTC)? Once your tubes are clear you can try to get pregnant every month. There are no repeated costs, as with IVF, so you have more chances for less expense. We believe patients deserve choice and we keep the cost of our procedure down so you can look into it as a genuine alternative which is (TCTC) to unblock fallopian tubes
Fallopian Tube Catheterisation (TCTC) – The ProcedureFollowing an initial medical consultation, patients have a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) abdominal x-ray under local anaesthetic to confirm the site of the blockage and determine if TCTC could be effective for them.
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TCTC is an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthetic while the patient watches on a monitor. The catheter passes through the tubal canal – about 1mm in diameter – near the cervix (neck of the womb). The patient experiences a tingling feeling and the whole operation takes 20-40 minutes.

If you have blocked fallopian tubes, TCTC could help you.

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