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Excess Face & Body Hair – Female

Excess body hair (hirsutism) refers to hair in places it shouldn’t be, such as the face, chin, chest, nipples, abdomen, thighs, lower legs, forearms or back. The problem can be more noticeable within some families and in certain ethnic groups. Sufferers might also notice acne-like spots on the upper back, upper arms, shoulder or face. For some women this can lead to low self-esteem or depression. The common solution is to shave or use creams, bleaching or long-term electrolysis, which do not cure the problem and may cause permanent scarring. Most importantly, these treatments are cosmetic and don’t treat the underlying cause of the problem, which may be irregular periods or infertility issues.BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

Causes of Excess Face and Body HairA number of factors can cause excess body hair, including hormone imbalance, polycystic ovaries, ovarian cysts or excess secretion of steroids. We use blood tests and ultrasound scans to pinpoint the source of the problem for each patient.Excess Face and Body Hair – TreatmentWe tailor treatment to meet each person’s needs, and your problem might not be as bad as you think. Medication can be very effective and often less expensive than repeat cosmetic hair-removal procedures. (Please note that this treatment is only for patients over 18 and does not affect the head hair.) In some cases, a day keyhole surgery might be necessary.

With excess hair, improvement is gradual but our treatment addresses the cause and can help improve your menstrual health and future fertility. You can learn more about this in our Polycystic Ovaries section.

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