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Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic Treatments
Here at Regency International Clinic our aim is to help enhance and rejuvenate your appearance while ensuring your face and body lose none of their natural appeal.Non Surgical Treatment Chemical PeelOver time we all accumulate dead skin cells that can dull the complexion.We use chemicals to ‘peel’ or remove these cells, leaving a more youthful and radiant skin. This treatment can help with brown spots, hyperpigmentation (darkened areas of the skin), some wrinkles, sun damage and more.

Dermal Fillers
One way to rejuvenate the face is to use non-harmful substances usually made up of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring component in the soft tissues of the body) to plump out deep creases, hollows or wrinkles. This procedure can help with wrinkles that persist after the face has been animated (i.e. after smiling) and can also add fullness to the cheeks, lips and various aspects of the face to give a more youthful appearance.Muscle Relaxing Injections (Botulinum toxin or Botox)
When you inject Botox (a purified protein) into muscle, it relaxes. We mostly use this kind of relaxant for cosmetic treatment on the face and neck. It helps fill and smooth wrinkles on the forehead, between and around the eyes, around the mouth and on the neck itself.
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How is Botox applied?

Our surgeon injects tiny amounts of Botox into muscles in the area concerned. The needle is extremely fine so the most you’ll feel is a slight pricking sensation. Within a week or so you should see a difference and our surgeon can administer top-up injections if needed.

Brow Lift
If you feel your drooping eyebrows make you look tired, a brow lift can help give you a fresher younger-looking appearance. We also perform this procedure for people who have suffered facial nerve damage, which has led to uneven brows. It is usually carried out under a general anaesthetic as a day outpatient.Prominent Ear Correction (Bat ears, Pinnaplasty, Otoplasty)
Known as ‘pinning back the ears’, this procedure is for those who are concerned their ears stick out too much. We treat both adults and children, though under-18s are cared for at collaborating hospitals. The procedure can be done under general anaesthetic – or local anaesthetic if you prefer to go home the same day.

Trigger Finger (Tendovaginitis, Tenosynovitis)
This condition occurs when there is thickening of the tendon or the sheath in which the tendon moves, and is a very common cause of hand pain. In some cases a steroid injection can reduce the inflammation sufficiently to solve the problem. Others may require the ‘trigger finger’ to be released by surgery, which can be done under local anaesthetic on a day patient basis.Liposuction
Liposuction involves sucking away benign fatty cells which occur under the skin, most commonly on the trunk of the body, in both overweight and standard weight individuals. Collections of these cells (lipoma)don’t usually cause any symptoms and can be due to a family tendency, but you may feel unhappy with how they look. We can remove them by surgery or suction on a day care outpatient basis, though in the case of some large lipomas we may carry out an ultrasound and /or MRI scan to check for any other underlying causes.

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Scar Treatments
At Regency International Clinic we offer various surgical options to help improve the appearance of scars, whether they’re caused by injury, trauma or an operation. Options include removing them and stitching the skin back together or replacing the area with a skin graft. We can also sometimes inject steroids or fat into scars to help them become more supple.Tattoo Removal
Tattoos are everywhere nowadays and it’s estimated up to 50% of people who’ve been inked regret it, but tattoo removal is still a relatively new option. At RIC we can remove your unwanted tattoos and stitch the normal skin back together, or replace the area with a skin graft.
Skin Cysts (Sebaceous, Epidermoid, Pilar cysts)
Benign (non cancerous) cysts can develop on the outside layer of the skin (epidermal) or at the base of hair follicles (pilar cysts). Usually they occur on the head, neck and trunk in young to middle-aged adults. We can remove these at our one-stop clinic under local anaesthetic.Skin Tags (Acrochordons, Cutaneous Papilloma)
Skin tags are pieces of hanging or protruding skin, usually small and close in colour to the skin around them. You may wish to have them removed because they itch, catch on clothes or razors, or simply because you don’t like how they look. We can do this under local anaesthetic on a day patient basis.
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