Health Assessments

Do you want to know how healthy you are and determine whether you could face health challenges in the future? Here at the Regency International Clinic, we provide a range of health services, ranging from health assessments to urology services.

Our RIC Health Assessments offer medical consultation which can provide information and test results for a variety of cases for parts of the body. The medical consultation can include the measurement of blood pressure, pulse, electrocardiogram (ECG), coronary heart disease risk score, blood tests, urinary tests, breast examination for women, testicular examination for men and personal proactive health action plan & lifestyle recommendations.

Our two leading health assessments include our RIC Smart Health Check – which is a detailed session to assess your general health, with a focus on health issues which are a concern; and our RIC Ultimate Health Check – which is a rigorous assessment of your general health & personal concerns tailored to your own age, sex and medical history.

Our health assessments are ideal for detecting disease and certain health issues in their early stages – do not put it off if you have a concern or family history.

Whether you have a specific health concern or you want to ensure that you’re in good health, then book a health assessment appointment today.