Fallopian Tube Catheterisation

If you and your partner are currently trying for a baby but don’t seem to be having much luck in doing so, then please do not feel that there is no solution for you. Here at the Regency International Clinic we offer Fallopian Tube Catheterisation, which as proven extremely effective in ensuring women can successfully become pregnant.

We are one of the few medical centres in the world offering the technique of Trans Cervical Tubal Catheterisation (TCTC) to unblock the fallopian tubes, and the procedure is extremely effective in supporting you to get pregnant.

The fallopian tube is delicate and can become blocked. It’s a significant segment for human reproduction, so if there is an issue with your fallopian tubes, it can affect your chances of pregnancy. Before tubal catheterisation began in 1997, many patients were advised that their best chance of conception would be through IVF. But now, the method of fallopian tube catheterisation has a success in 80-90% of cases.

Before we begin any course of treatment, we will follow initial medical consultation for you. We ensure that our patients complete a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) abdominal x-ray under local anaesthetic to confirm the site of the blockage and determine if TCTC could be effective for them. If the scans prove this, then we can complete the procedure under local anaesthetic. The operation takes around 20-40 minutes, and all you will feel is tingling feelings throughout.

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