Do You Require Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Have you been searching for a reliable clinic that can offer Hymenoplasty surgery? By using our expertise and years of experience here at the Regency International Clinic, you can gain the expert hand of our highly-qualified surgeons who have performed wonders for their patients.

We’re a world class medical clinic offer medical services and surgery in Central London. Our range of health services are diverse, many of which are extremely unique; one of which includes our Hymen Reconstruction Surgery.

Our Hymen repair surgery is beneficial to women of various cultures and background. For many women, losing their virginity before marriage is frowned upon and can cause many complications for an individual. Our doctors are able to legally perform a Hymen repair and therefore reduce the number of female deaths due to the doubts of their virginity.

The Hymen is repaired and connected using dissolvable stitches, allowing it to heal well without any signs of surgery. If it does not fully heal, we can perform the procedure again without an extra cost to you.

The procedure is completed under local anaesthetic and takes around 30 to 60 minutes. Most patients return home around an hour after surgery and you’ll be recommended to take painkillers to reduce any pain.

Find out more today by speaking to one of our expert hymen repair surgeons today.