Discreet Hymen Repair Surgery In London

When you require discreet Hymen Repair Surgery, you can rely on our leading medical centre, the Regency International Clinic. For many women, Hymen Repair Surgery is extremely important, even life-saving. We are extremely proud to have been offering professional Hymen repair for women since the late 1990s. Having treated many women from different backgrounds and cultures, you can be confident in our expertise and privacy.

Our team of surgeons are very particular about their work and have great attention to detail, making them the leading choice for Hymenoplasty.

The Hymen Repair Process
The procedure for Hymen repair is usually completed within a 30-60 minute window under a local anaesthetic. After the procedure has been completed, it takes around an hour of rest after the surgery before you are then free to return home.

You will be instructed to take painkillers for the specified duration that the surgeon has advised whilst you continue recovering. Quite often, you can experience slight bleeding after the surgery, but this is completely natural. Should you bleed excessively for a long period, that’s when you may be required to return to us so we can look.

Why We Offer Hyman Repair
There’s an issue in some cultures with a woman losing her virginity before marriage. Because a virgin is expected to bleed after intercourse on her wedding night, this can cause issues should the new wife show no blood. Despite 25% of women not actually bleeding on the first time of sexual intercourse.

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